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02 3rd, 2010

The snow keeps coming in Rochester NY. I, for one, love it. I think this is a great town when it is all white. It is most fun to take the kids sledding on one of the many hills in Rochester NY. With a bunch of fresh snow, and a blue sky up above, you can have a great afternoon with the family. They kids tire themselves out running up and down the hill after the sled. And don’t think for a minute that the parents are not having fun also. They are.

Just take a run down one of Rochester’s great hills at high speed and even the most meek parent will let out a huge scream. And don’t underestimate the cathartic value of screaming. If you are thinking this sounds really cold, you need to understand that people in Rochester, NY are prepared. They have lots of layers and know how to dress for the cold. And there is simply nothing better than the warm soup when you come in after your time in the snow.

Apartment Rochester

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06 24th, 2009

Have you seen what is on the Internet when searching apartment Rochester? You will get a bunch of national apartment listing firms that build city-specific sites. I guess they have decided that the Rochester apartment market is big enough for them to come into. Thus they have launched their sites, but are not really local.

The entire Internet is moving more toward local listings. Rochester NY is no exception. This is as much true for apartment guides as it is anything. You can see this when you search apartment rochester in any of the major search engines. The question is, are they really able to support our local needs from a distance? Or is it better to use a local Rochester apartments listing service when you need to find a new place to live.

Downtown Rochester

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04 3rd, 2009

Are you paying attention to what is happening with downtown Rochester? Are rather what is not happening down there?

Midtown used to be a family-friendly place. It had offices and shops. It was a destination. I’m not saying that it’s not anymore. Certainly there are businesses there. But it is not like it was before. There is much less in downtown Rochester than there used to be. The jobs are not there, so neither are the people.

There is a push by the government to bring jobs back. They have figured out that economic expansion is the path to revitalize the downtown. I say good for them. We should all be behind this move to get things moving.

Rochester NY city paper

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03 26th, 2009

I was reading the City Paper in Rochester NY today. This is a great resource. If you are not familiar with it. You should check it out. I would think that most major things happening in Rochester NY are covered in here. Also, there is great political coverage. And there is a ton of local Rochester NY type stuff in here.  You learn about music, movies, concerts, etc. I saw just yesterday that they were covering new restaurants that have opened. Very helpful stuff. Check it ou.

Moving to Rochester NY

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03 25th, 2009

Have you ever thought about moving to another state? They say that there are some great opportunities in Rochester NY. Moving to Rochester NY can be one of the best decisions you can ever make. The natural beauty in Rochester NY is incomparable.

You may actually even find your dream house in Rochester NY. Rochester NY offers beautiful homes in lovely communities. Rochester NY has brand new condos, Victorian homes, cottages, Italian villas, and many other style homes to choose from. If you do not want to buy a home, there are several types of apartments for rent or lease too. The chance to move here is something you will not want to pass up.

Rochester NY has eight colleges which offer visual and performing art groups. The University of Rochester is outstanding. Families with children will love these higher learning opportunities that are available for their children If your children and you are into music, you will be happy to know that Rochester NY also is home to an orchestra that is rated as being numbered among the top 20 in all orchestras in the United States.

Your family can enjoy outings in one of the many beautiful parks in Rochester NY. In fact, Rochester NY has been nicknamed The Flower City. You will find plenty of green spaces in Rochester NY. You can also enjoy riverside and lakefront areas with your family.

Rochester NY offers many restaurants, theaters and concerts, just a heart beat away from the surrounding suburban areas.

Rochester NY employment opportunities include many professional occupations as well as tech and science jobs and many other general occupations. If you are an intellectual who enjoys the arts, Rochester NY is the place for you.

Rochester NY was a recipient of the All America City award in 1998. The award is given to the best places to live.

You do not have to move to Rochester NY to enjoy it. You can be a tourist instead. Some activities you can do in Rochester are, take in a musical event, go antique shopping, enjoy shopping in the malls or go to a museum.

Rochester NY is famous for the many festivals it has too. It is almost impossible to name them all. In fact, there is almost one or more for every month.

Many a famous person has been born in Rochester NY. One of the most famous people born in Rochester is Francis Bellamy. He is the one who wrote the Pledge of Allegiance.

You will not regret coming to Rochester NY, whether it is for a visit or to make it your new home.

Rochester NY

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03 25th, 2009

Rochester NY is a metropolitan city located in Monroe County, New York. The big Rochester NY is considered as the second largest metropolitan economy in New York State. Rochester NY is also recognized as The Flour City or Flower City. According to the population estimations of 2008 the total population of Rochester NY is about 207,000. Rochester NY is considered as the third largest city of New York on the basis of the population of the country. The total land area of Rochester NY is 35.8 sq mi (92.8 km2) and water area is 1.3 sq mi (3.3 km2) and both these make up total area of 37.1 sq mi (96.1 km2). The current mayor of the city is Robert Duffy.

Rochester NY has a very strategic location and it lies in the east of Buffalo and west of Syracuse. The City is bisected by Genesee River and it lies on the southern shore of Lake Ontario. Rochester NY is very famous all over the word because of its corporate environment and there are large Fortune 1000 companies in the city like Eastman Kodak, Paychex and Constellation Brands. Because of the industrial attractions and international companies, New York Rochester is considered as world capital of imaging.

The largest shopping plazas are also developed in the city which makes it the perfect place for shopping. These plazas include Eastview Mall, Village Gate Square, and The Mall at Greece Ridge Center, Rochester NY Public Market, Medley Center, Pittsford Plaza and The Marketplace Mall. Because of these shopping attractions, visitors from many neighboring cities come to shop in New York Rochester.

A mayor and a city council form the government in Rochester NY. The city council consists of 4 district members and 5 at large members. The Enforcement of the property code violations are under the control of Neighboring Empowerment team. Rochester NY is considered one of the most important city from educational point of view and some of the best colleges and universities include Monroe Community College, Colgate Rochester Crizer Divinity School, University of Rochester NY and many others.

From the cultural point of view, there are large cultural institutions like Garth Fagan Dance, Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, Strong National Museum of Play and many arts organizations. The infrastructure in the city is well developed and all modes of conveyance are available in the city. One interesting fact about Rochester NY is that it has further seven sister cities which are known as Sister Cities International. There are beautiful buildings and apartments in the city and the largest building of Rochester NY is Xerox Tower which is 135 meters high.

Therefore, because of the attractions and corporate environment of the country, thousands of visitors from all over the world, visit the city every year.

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02 10th, 2009

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